01 May

By implementing the recommendations from a TM44 audit report you could reduce AC running costs by as much as %25.

In accordance with Government Legislation imposed by the Energy performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) all types of air conditioning systems with a capacity of 12kW or more must have an independent Air Conditioning Inspection (TM44:CIBSE) carried out every five years since January 2011.

- Legal requirement: If you haven't done a TM44 Inspection or the one you have is about to expire, it is recommended that you have one done as a matter or priority as it is required by law.

- Energy and cost Saving: The purpose is to improve the efficiency and performance of all installed AC systems reducing CO2 and running costs by as much as 25%.

- Employee Safety in the Workplace: At the same time we will also provide Covid specific guidance on the use of AC systems in the workplace.

- ISO14001 Compliance: You will require a TM44 certificate to comply with ISO14001 renewals.

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