The TM44 Air Conditioning inspection regulation was brought into UK law in 2011 as part of the Energy Performance of Building Directives (EPBD).  According to TM44 regulations, air conditioning systems with a combined output of 12kW or more will require an inspection every five years. This applies to businesses across the UK. It is the legal responsibility of the operator of the air conditioning systems to ensure they have had an inspection and have a valid certificate or face a fine.

The main purpose of this inspection is to determine whether the air conditioning systems are energy efficiently maintenance and managed. The inspection is carried out by an independent certified Air Conditioning inspector. Often overlooked by clients, this part of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive is required by law. A five yearly audit of all HVAC systems is required to form part of an organisations obligation to reduce energy use and improve efficiency.

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TM44 Air Conditioning InspectionsTM44 Air Conditioning InspectionsTM44 Air Conditioning Inspections