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Changing the world is possible. We’ve done it before.

Choosing the right energy partner is not just about short term compliance certification audits but it is about the long term professional expertise that can be brought to bear utilising the experience of the engineering team. The majority of our clients have stayed with us since 2014 and many more have joined since. if you want to know why our clients choose us then just take a look at some of our client references.
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Compliance Auditing

There are a plethora of legal requirements coming through government including the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, SECR reporting, Energy Performance Certificates, Display Energy Certificates and so on, and we are here to help guide you through them all.


Infrastructure Project Management

Complying with legislation is one thing, but actually implementing the recommendations is what it is all about. We can project manage the upgrade of lighting, HVAC, heating systems, renewable energy programmes, waste to energy plants and many many more.


Energy Procurement

There are just too many energy brokers out there trying to sell you the latest cheapest energy deal. We don’t give you the hard sell as we do not actually arrange the contracts. Our job is to find the right broker for you that suits your business and has an excellent reputation, so you do not need to feel you are taking a risk.


Planning for the Future

Sounds like bit of a fluffy service, but it is not. It requires an in-depth analysis and review of your organisation and your sector, followed by the engagement of a leading futurologist who will put together a ten to twenty year strategic plan that will profit your business for many years ahead.


ISO Standards and Health & Safety

Improving your credentials in a competitive landscape is not just about collecting badges. All of our ISO programmes focus on delivering tangible, measurable results. We have supported and delivered a number of ISO standards to clients and of course our favourite is ISO50001, the Energy Management Standard.

Changing the world is possible. We’ve done it before.


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