HVAC and Power

Whether a new build, upgrade or retrofit getting the right solution is critical for long term efficiency and easy of management, we will help assess, specify and select the right system as well as ensure delivery, install and post install support meets your expectations.

Energy Efficiency Asset Upgrades

Cutting energy costs is what we do. We will conduct a full survey and present to you our recommendations for reducing energy use and cost. Our report will identify immediate savings, three year payback or long term investments. You can then decided which areas you wish to proceed with and we will assist you from start to finish.

Renewable energy and Net Zero

Working towards a NetZero business is one thing that we encourage all of our clients to aspire to. This is where our expertise comes to the fore. Any one solution is not usually the answer but with the right mix and with the right controls it is possible to achieve.

Covid and Pathogen Eradication

Making workplaces safe from all forms of pathogens has become paramount for all businesses not just those within the hospitality and retail sectors. As part of this process PE Energy provides UVC solutions for cleansing the ventilation system in buildings by installing UV units in the airflow so that all air that passes through the ventilation network gets cleaned of all ‘live’ pathogens. The implementation of UV systems in ducting is expected to become the norm for both new builds and maintenance upgrades.

QR Code asset management

Asset management and tracking has been able to take a leap forwards with the introduction of QR codes on assets. When linked to a cloud based asset management platform realtime access can provide instant information on the maintenance and management of each asset which notifies the engineer as to when an asset is due for a service or replacement. Costs for these solutions are dependent on the number of assets to be managed and is based on a fixed monthly fee.

Investment Grade Auditing

Assessing both the value of an existing estate and the potential benefits of investing in new technology requires accurate planning and assessment. Our audits identify the existing risk of the current estate and the potential cost of doing nothing. We then identify those solutions and services that would increase both the value and the efficiency of the estate through the implementation of best practice and investment in new energy efficient technology. Most assessment are measurement over ten years of potential financial benefit.

Energy Procurement

Fees are already incorporated into the price quoted to us by the energy supplier. Intelligent energy procurement enables you to optimize your energy purchasing and reduce costs. You pay the supplier directly for the energy contract and they pass they commission. You benefit from not only our experience, expertise, help, advice and market information but also from us handling the full procurement process for you from the start and throughout your contract term.

PE Energy are providers of energy efficiency compliance audits including:
  • TM44 Air conditioning inspections
  • Non domestic Energy Performance Certificates
  • Display Energy Certificates
  • ESOS Audits
  • ISO50001 Preparation
  • ISO14001
Other services include:
  • Project management and solution selection
  • Full competitive tender management
  • Energy procurement and contract renewals
  • Asset valuation and IRR investment plans
Covid 19 Solutions:
  • Covid safety assessments
  • Covid19 decontamination gates
  • Covid19 decontamination wands
  • Covid19 decontamination ceiling and wall lamps
Other Services:
  • Public event speaking and news commentary
  • Specialist and expert presentations
If any of the services of interest then get in touch.
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