Legal Compliance

TM44 inspections are required by law for any site, retail, commercial or industrial, that has 12kW combined of cooling or more on site. 12kW is the equivalent of one twin fan condenser or two or more single fan condensers.


Energy Saving

The purpose of an inspection is to ensure that systems are being maintained, used and controlled appropriately for the environment in which they operate and that they are being used with efficiency in mind not just comfort heating and cooling.


Intelligent HVAC Management

When we provide our inspections we include advice and recommendations on a multitude of space conditioning, energy efficiency and building management options. Our aim is to maximise the benefits and give advice on cost savings.


Future Proofing

If there is a better, cheaper and more efficient way of heating and cooling spaces we will let you know on the day. Air Conditioning costs a lot of money to use and to maintain, so if we can provide a better option then we will.