15 Jan

PE Energy announced today the 15th January 2021 a joint partnership with UEC Energy to deploy new technology solutions for the wider market in decontaminating works spaces such as offices and retail premises including general merchandise, transport and food outlets.

“Although the technologies have not yet been formerly introduced to the market, i can announce that our partners are close to developing the finalised solution for building entrance decontamination gates, in store decontamination solutions and mobile devices for cleaning and sanitising work spaces such as cars, aircraft and shipping.”

“The advance on this technology means that these lamps will be in constant use decontaminating people as they move in and out of buildings ensuring that the spaces inside the building are covid free”.

The uptake of the technology is expected to be extremely fast as it enables offices and shops to open again with reduce requirements for surface cleaning and for people to need to wear masks. “Once the solutions are ready to launch in full earnest will be be making the details available across all of the industry press”. 

Stated Philip Emsley CEO of PE Energy Solutions.

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