27 Jun

Air conditioning systems don't stay efficient and maintained forever. Most of the facilities managers and building owners in the industry may know about TM44 air conditioning inspection. However, some people don't know if their TM44 inspection is due or why it is necessary to consider them. To let understand why TM44 air conditioning is worth considering, you must look at the reasons mentioned below in this regard.

Why is TM44 air conditioning inspection essential?

 Maintenance, cleaning, and inspection of your air conditioning systems are important to maintain their ability to work smoothly and efficiently. Anyone who controls air conditioning systems of buildings must consider TM44 inspection for proper care and operations of air conditioning systems. 

Enhanced efficiency

 TM44 inspection, being a legal requirement, can allow you to ensure that your system is working efficiently. Even if it isn't performing well, still recommendations made by the energy accessor can help you to improve your system's efficiency in the best possible way. Even more, this can help you to maintain a comfortable and healthy environment not only for the residents. By reducing refrigerant gases' escape, you can also improve the environmental friendliness of your system with ease. 

Detailed report to locate problem easily

 TM44 inspection can let you get a report of findings which will also include recommendations on how you can improve your overall air conditioning system in the best possible way. As the TM44 inspection is don't by an accredited energy assessor, therefore, implementing those recommendations will lead to you enhanced air conditioning efficiency and reduced energy bills with ease. Don't forget to keep the copy of the TM44 inspection with you, as it is proof of your TM44 air conditioning inspection rule's compliance. 

Increased compliance levels

 Keeping your air conditioning in the best possible condition is a legal requirement, too, besides a moral obligation. According to the latest guidance by the government, every air conditioning system must be inspected at least every five years by an energy assessor. The guidance is known as TM44 air conditioning inspection. So, getting TM44 inspection compliance is necessary; otherwise, you will get fined for that. 

Reduced consumption of energy

 Achieving lower energy bills is something everyone struggles with. However, getting a TM44 inspection can be the best way to reduce the amount of money you used to spend on energy bills. Even though the primary reason for making TM44 inspection a legal requirement was an environmental consideration, but it can offer you much more than that. You can benefit both your household and office budget with ease by reducing energy consumptions and ultimately can lower your energy bills as well. 


It is quite an important responsibility to manage facilities. Even more, if your HVAC systems are inefficient, broken, or obsolete, then these can be expensive to replace or repair. As humans, we must create our social and corporate responsibilities seriously. It is because we all have to care for and protect our environment effectively.

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